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8 Tips for Buying a Used Truck in Colorado Springs

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What should I look out for when buying a used truck? What should I avoid? Is a truck even the right choice for my lifestyle? These are questions that many potential truck owners in Colorado Springs ask themselves before buying.  This article will discuss tips for buying used trucks, such as making sure the truck you purchase is in good condition, comes from a reputable seller, and provides excellent value for your money. If you aren’t careful, you might be saddled with costly repairs and inconvenient breakdowns. Follow these eight tips for the best buying experience.

Buying Used Trucks for Sale


1. Know why it’s being sold

When you buy a sedan, you can be confident it was used for simple commuter purposes. Trucks, on the other hand, have multiple uses. The used truck you’re looking at may have been used for a business. If that is the case, it might be a good idea to ask for documentation proving this before purchasing the used truck. Some trucks are used for recreation and offroading, which can cause damage to the suspension and undercarriage.  We recommend that you ask the seller why they want to sell the used truck. Is there something wrong with it? Does their commute have a significant increase in traffic that would be easier if they purchased an automobile instead of used trucks? Check repair reports like CarFax for signs of rough wear and tear or high business-related mileage.  

2. Check all necessary documents

On a similar note, avoid used trucks with no service records or maintenance. You should also avoid used trucks that have been in accidents. The words “totaled” on any maintenance report should be a major warning sign. Reliable and reputable sellers will provide access to documentation of the vehicle’s history as well as any warranty information they offer to customers. Be careful of sellers that refuse to produce maintenance records or brush off the request as unnecessary. This often means the seller is trying to pass off a clunker to an unsuspecting customer.         Dealerships like Mile High Car Company require strict service inspections that identify any major mechanical issues. While prices might be higher at a dealership than from a private seller, the dealership trucks are most likely in good condition since dealerships have long-term reputations to uphold.    

3. Know what needs to be fixed

Ask to take the truck to a trusted local mechanic for a third-party opinion. It’s important to know what needs fixing on any used vehicle being purchased. If you do uncover repairs, you might be able to talk the seller down in price and use the difference to pay the mechanic. Or you may choose to pass on the used truck altogether.  

4. Check the used cars’ mileage

Use extra caution when buying a truck with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer. Many models will begin to have engine and transmission issues once they pass this milestone. You can research different trucks on sites like to see when different makes and models begin to have issues. 

5. Examine oil change records and the vehicle history

Checking the oil change records and filters on used vehicles is essential for determining if the vehicle has been maintained. If you find no records or only a few, this may indicate neglect and means it’s time to walk away from considering purchasing used trucks. Depending on the make, model, and year of the truck, oil should be changed every 3000 miles. Failing to change the oil at regular intervals can lead to increased engine wear and eventual malfunction.

6. Understand optional features and transmission systems

Trucks are available in both manual and automatic transmission systems. Both have their pros and cons, but make sure you pay attention to the transmission details before calling up a dealership asking for a test drive.  Also, have an idea of what kind of specs you need your truck to have. How much horsepower do you need? Do you need a specific size of truck bed? What about towing capability? Trucks range from light and speedy to heavy and powerful. Knowing what kind of truck you want will make your trip to the dealership more enjoyable.  

7. Set a budget

Don’t walk into a car dealership without deciding on a budget. The lot will be filled with flashy, turbocharged trucks, and they will be hard to resist. Your salesperson will also try to talk you into add-ons and upgrades. The used truck you buy should be within your budget. Buy what you can afford and avoid taking on large debt payments.  That said, don’t settle for a cheap truck. Instead, try your best to find a balance between quality and price. You may be tempted to purchase a used truck just because it falls well under your price range, but if it doesn’t have all of the features and specifications you desire, you’ll likely regret the purchase down the road.

8. Research the car dealers

Researching multiple dealerships will ensure that you buy from someone who provides high-quality used trucks. One way to do this is by checking their reviews online through search results from their respective sites. If you Google “Mile High Car Company,” you’ll see our top reviews on our Google My Business page. Be cautious of companies that have bad reviews or few reviews. Finally, come prepared with truck price comparisons from other dealerships. Sometimes a car is overpriced at one dealership, and you can get a better deal by pointing out that a competitor is offering a similar vehicle for a lower price.  

Used trucks checklist

  • Decide on your budget and necessary specifications before shopping for a truck.
  • Make sure to take any used vehicle for an inspection before finalizing the transaction so that there are no surprises after purchasing it. Make sure to have the used truck inspected by a certified mechanic.
  • Avoid trucks that have been used as company services vehicles or shuttle busses.
Buying a used truck can be a great way to save money while also driving home a high-quality vehicle. Mile High Car Company should be on your list of dealerships if you’re from Colorado Springs and looking to purchase a used truck. We are proud to be veteran-owned and offer excellent professional services to our esteemed clients.  Click here to browse our entire inventory of used trucks. Questions? You can reach us at (719) 570-7800.

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